Pet Exams and Wellness Care in Raleigh, NC

No matter what species or breed of pet, they require regular wellness exams to stay healthy. Animals have a survival instinct that makes them very good at hiding illness. Even though they live in safe, comfortable homes, this instinct doesn't go away. That’s where pet wellness care comes in. Regular exams help us to catch underlying conditions early so we can treat them faster and more effectively.

Pet Perspective

As we get older, we're more likely to develop illnesses and chronic conditions. Regular vet visits help keep us healthy and happy!

As pets get older, they're more likely to develop illnesses and chronic conditions. Regular vet visits help keep them healthy and happy!

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Pet wellness care is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. Give your pet the care they deserve and bring them to see us every year! We can’t wait to take care of them. Schedule an appointment today!

Taking Care of Pets Every Step of the Way

Your pets age at a different rate than you do. In their first year, puppies and kittens age the equivalent of 15 human years! That’s a lot of growth and a lot of changes. After their first couple of years, one year of a pet’s life becomes more closely equivalent to 4-5 human years. Several years is a long time to go without seeing a doctor! As your pet ages, their needs shift. Annual visits to us help keep tabs on those changes and address them as needed.

Parasite Prevention in Raleigh

Did you know that Raleigh is home to just about every type of tick there is? Ticks carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichia. While we have a vaccine for Lyme disease, there's no such protection from the other tick-borne illnesses, so prevention is key. Tick preventatives often take care of fleas as well, and some also address mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are carriers of heartworms which are a major danger to your dog and even your cat. Heartworm prevention often covers many intestinal parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms, too.

Some of the top-quality prevention products we offer include Simparica Trio, an all-in-one solution that protects dogs against fleas, ticks, and heartworms at the same time. Additionally, we offer ProHeart injections, where one injection gives dogs a full year of heartworm protection. Proper year-round parasite prevention keeps all kinds of harmful pests away from your pet and your family. Make sure your pet never misses a dose!


Pet Wellness Care in Raleigh: Vet Carrying Dog

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Yearly wellness care is an essential part of giving your pet the care they deserve and key to responsible pet ownership. Schedule an appointment today online - we can’t wait to see you!