Fear Free Certified Professionals in Raleigh, NC

Veterinary visits don't have to be a struggle for you or your pet. As Fear Free Certified Professionals our staff recognize the subtle signs of distress and address them with Fear Free techniques that reduce anxiety and promote a healthy mental well-being. A calm pet also gives more accurate test results and makes physical exams a breeze. Call us at (919) 847-6216 to set up an appointment. Bringing your pet to our Raleigh animal hospital is a choice you and your pet won’t regret.


If your pet gets nervous before veterinary visits like I do, ask the Bowman team about ways to keep them calm on the journey over!

Experience the Fear Free Difference

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Minimizing Stress with Fear Free Techniques

To create a fear-free atmosphere we do our absolute best to minimize common stress triggers and increase your pet's level of trust in us. Several ways our Fear Free Certified Professionals reduce stress include:

  • Separating cats and dogs. Cats especially are very wary at the presence of unfamiliar dogs. That's why we designed our hospital with separate waiting and exam rooms specifically for cats. The rooms are blocked from dogs and feature cat amenities like pheromone sprays and soft blankets to curl up in.
  • Eliminating fear pheromones. When cats and dogs are scared, they emit fear pheromones that will alert other cats and dogs that there is a perceived threat in the area. To reduce the stress of our guests, we consistently use special cleaners to remove any fear pheromones inside and outside the hospital.
  • Low-stress handling. No one likes to be pinned down, so why would your cat or dog? We utilize minimal restraint techniques so pets can feel more in control and less anxious.
  • Avoiding initial eye contact with dogs. When you bring your dog in, the first thing we’ll do is address you, and we may even drop a few treats to your pet while we're talking. Dogs can view direct eye contact as a threat. We put them at ease by asking you questions about their health and any changes at home. Then, we move on to greeting them after they learn we are not a threat.
  • Giving cats space and time. Cats are significantly different from their canine counterparts and need sufficient time to acclimate to a new environment and new people. We try to give them all the time they need to warm up to us, so we’re not forcing them out of their carrier in a harried state.
  • Food motivation. Being Fear Free Certified Professionals means knowing how to use treats to our advantage! We’ll use food motivation to help your pet trust us, as well as distract them, too. This is especially helpful when we’re drawing blood, administering a vaccination, or examining a problem area.

Before Your Appointment

When you set up an appointment, our receptionists will ask you questions about your pet's anxiety level for veterinary visits. They may suggest that the veterinarian provide calming medication prior to the car ride in, so your pet can arrive with as little stress as possible. Call us at (919) 847-6216 to schedule an appointment!