Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Raleigh, NC

Pet dental care can sometimes be overlooked, but their dental health is just as important as our own! A regular cat or dog teeth cleaning with both at-home care and a visit to us can eliminate the risk of dental disease. Our animal hospital serves pets of the Triangle with the best of veterinary dentistry. We’ve invested in high performance veterinary dental surgical machines, ultrasonic scalers, and the most advanced dental radiography machines. Additionally, our veterinary dental technicians have all undergone extra training in dentistry, so they achieve excellence in cleaning, probing, and charting teeth. Call (919) 847-6216 to schedule an appointment for your pet!

Preventing Dental Disease with Dog and Cat Teeth Cleanings

Pet dental care is an important component of our practice’s preventive care philosophy because dental disease is one of the most common diseases in both dogs and cats. It starts with a build-up of plaque on the teeth that hardens into tartar. Without treatment, tartar breaks down gum tissue and even bone. Bacteria from the tartar can also pass into your pet’s bloodstream and cause damage to internal organs. Yet, all of this damage is easily preventable with consistent cat and dog teeth cleanings.

cat and dog teeth cleaning in raleigh nc

Pet Perspective

Brushing my 42 canine teeth every day is the best way to fight tartar build-up, but it might be a challenge! Call the vets at Bowman at (919) 847-6216 about other dental products you can use to keep my teeth healthy!

Safety in Every Dental Procedure

Every dental procedure at our animal hospital requires general anesthesia. We take precautions to ensure the procedure is as safe as possible, including pre-anesthetic blood work and an exam, extensive monitoring, and dedicated technicians with your pet from start to finish.

To clean your pet’s teeth, we use an ultrasonic scaler which is a water-cooled device that breaks tartar off teeth using ultrasonic frequencies. You can probably imagine now why anesthesia is important! Our high-tech equipment allows us to give your pet a lasting teeth cleaning.

A list of all of our dental procedures includes:

  • Ultrasonic scaling to remove all tartar
  • Polishing to smooth each tooth and prevent future plaque buildup
  • Surgical extractions of broken or damaged teeth
  • Bonding and restoration of enamel fractures and defects
  • Digital dental X-rays
  • Dental charting
  • Polymer treatments
  • Treatment of tooth root abscesses
  • Examination of the tongue and mouth for cancer
  • Surgical removal of oral tumors
  • Pediatric dentistry (recognizing and addressing dental problems in puppies and kittens)
pet dental care in raleigh nc

Relying on Digital Dental X-Rays

Did you know two-thirds of each tooth is actually below the gumline? Luckily, digital X-rays give us a full view of your pet’s entire dental structure. With X-rays, we can see if your pet's teeth have any abnormalities such as two sets of roots, if teeth are damaged or suffer from bone loss, and can even see built-up tartar below the gumline, too. X-rays help us give your pet an extensive dental exam and the appropriate treatment.

Keeping Up with Dog and Cat Dental Care at Home

Comprehensive pet dental care includes at-home care, as well. As extensive as our dental treatments are, alone they are not enough to ensure your pet’s dental health. While brushing your pet’s teeth daily is ideal, we realize it’s not always possible. Pets can be wholly uncooperative, and busy schedules don’t help, either. Fortunately, there are other ways to give your pet consistent dental care at home. The Veterinary Oral Health Council recommends a range of dental products that fight tartar build-up. These products include:

  • Dental wipes
  • Dental chews
  • Water additives
  • Dental toys
  • And more!

Ask us about which pet dental care products would be best suited to you and your pet at your next appointment.

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