Cat and Dog Boarding in Raleigh, NC

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, your pet needs a safe place to stay while you’re away. Our pet boarding facility offers pets a home away from home, complete with comfortable, spacious accommodations, and plenty of attention from our professional staff. We’ll give your pet a vacation of their own! Call us today at 919-847-6216 to take a tour of our boarding facility.

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Our Pet Boarding Accommodations

Bowman Animal Hospital and Cat Clinic offers accommodations for both cats and dogs. Cats can enjoy multi-level condos, while dogs have spacious kennels and runs.

You can also expect the following for your pet:

  • Four walks per day for dogs
  • Complimentary midday treat
  • Text and picture updates
  • Fresh, cool water
  • Daily rounds performed by our associate veterinarians to monitor your pet's overall comfort in their new environment
  • Sensitive stomach diet provided for patients not bringing their regular diet*
  • Clean bedding replaced as needed**
cat and dog boarding raleigh nc

*We encourage you to bring your pet's primary diet to avoid any gastrointestinal upset. We are limited on space, please provide only the amount of food needed during your pet's stay.

**We will happily provide bedding and blankets. We request that owners only bring 1-2 personal comfort items from home. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items.

Additional services you can add-on to your pet’s boarding experience include:

  • More walks
  • Playtime (one-on-one with one of our staff)
  • Pool time (seasonal)
  • Grooming services
  • Brushing
pet boarding in raleigh nc

Pet Boarding Requirements

In order to maintain a clean pet boarding facility and to keep our guests healthy, we require pets to have current vaccinations and be parasite free. All boarding patients must have an annual wellness exam with a Bowman Animal Hospital veterinarian to assess their current health status, review medical history, and be aware of any chronic issues and medications. Patients may have other requirements updated by their primary veterinarian. If any requirements are not up-to-date, a wellness exam will be required to update any necessary items.

Requirements include:

  • All pets must be current on their rabies and distemper vaccines.
  • Dogs must be current on their Bordetella vaccine.
  • All pets must have had a negative fecal test within 6 months of their stay.
  • As of Jan 2024, we are requiring all pets be up to date on their Canine Influenza vaccine. For your pet's protection and immunity, we require the Canine Influenza vaccine series (consisting of 2 vaccines 3-4 weeks apart) be completed at least two weeks prior to your pet's stay.

Fear Free Approach to Anxiety

Our Veterinarians and Staff can detect when fear, anxiety, and stress are present in your pet. And, they are focused on mitigating its effects during veterinary medical care and boarding.

In all cases, our Veterinarians and Staff will work with you to formulate a plan to prevent fear, anxiety, and stress in the future. For some pets, temporary use of a behavior-modifying drug can be administered immediately prior to and/or during the visit to facilitate handling and care. For pets being boarded, daily administration of a behavior-modifying drug may prevent fear, anxiety, and stress resulting in a favorable boarding experience.

Please visit for great articles, videos, and tips on making travel and boarding a pleasant experience for you and your pet!

Aggression / Behavior Policy

Our staff is trained to manage mild-to-moderate behavior issues, including shyness, nervousness, food aggression, toy aggression, and mild dog aggression.  We make all attempts to provide the best care for all our patients, however, if such behavior creates an unsafe environment for our staff or other patients, we reserve the right to refuse boarding services for such patients.  If our staff is unable to accommodate pets exhibiting such behaviors during a boarding stay, you may be contacted and asked to pickup your pet as soon as possible.

Please know our Fear Free approach to anxiety and our aggression/behavior policies allow Bowman Animal Hospital the ability to provide all our guests and staff a quiet, comfortable, happy environment while they are away from their normal routine. 

Chronic Medical Conditions

Bowman Animal Hospital strives to provide high-quality medical care to all our patients.  However, in some instances a patient with chronic medical conditions may not be the best candidate for boarding.  For these patients we would recommend a pet-sitter or medical boarding facility with 24-hour care.  If you have any concerns about your pet’s health and whether they would be suitable for boarding, please give us a call and your pet’s veterinarian can make the best recommendation for your pet’s safety, health, and happiness.

We aim to make every one of our guests comfortable and maintain the highest quality pet boarding facility possible. To book your pet’s stay with us, or to tour our facility, please contact us today!

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