Our Veterinary Support Staff

Take a moment to learn about the support staff who make our veterinarian's lives a little bit easier. Meet our team's technicians, assistants, and receptionists!

Christine Akers Co-Practice Manager

Christine joined Bowman Animal Hospital in 2000.  She graduated from North Carolina State University in 2004 with a degree in Sociology and Environmental Sciences.  She says her love for animals and people were always a passion that came naturally.   Her first childhood dog was a Standard Dachshund named Chiggers but she loves them all – short, tall, fuzzy, small – and that’s no lie!

Her favorite part of her job is meeting new people and educating pet owners to ensure our companion animals live happy, healthy long lives.  She loves making lasting friendships with owners and their pets.  Throughout the years, all of her pets, currently three dogs and three cats, have found their way into her heart and home after being rescued.

When not at work, Christine enjoys gardening and kayaking.  Relaxing in a hammock or on the beach with a good book is not a bad way to spend the day either.   She can often be found with her husband Ken, listening to music or watching their daughter, Maggie, play volleyball.

Christine Akers Co-Practice Manager


Brooke Barker Co-Practice Manager, Director of Operations

Brooke has fifteen total years of experience in the veterinary field, twelve of which have been as an employee of Bowman. She attended Emory & Henry College, where she was a dual-sport athlete in basketball and softball. In 2003, the women’s softball team won the Old Dominion Athletic Conference where she was named MVP of the tournament! She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with a Minor in Chemistry in 2006. While in college, she worked for an 8-doctor practice in Abingdon, Virginia to gain experience and possibly pursue veterinary school. After graduation, she took a year off from school and continued to work as a veterinary assistant. During that time, she realized that becoming a veterinarian was not the path she wanted to take, but also understood how much she wanted to remain in the veterinary field.

In 2007, she moved to Raleigh and started working at Bowman Animal Hospital as an assistant. Over time, she was promoted to managing the technical team, and then to director of operations. Throughout these transitions, she discovered her passion for wanting to understand, manage, and improve all of the inter-workings of a veterinary practice. In October of 2018, she was appointed as Co-Practice Manager and is currently working toward becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. She has always enjoyed being part of a team and working toward a common goal. In her current position, she is able to work with all the departments to bring about positive changes that benefit patients, clients, staff, and the business as a whole. She finds her work extremely rewarding.

Brooke shares her home with four pets including an American Staffordshire named Isis; brother and sister cats rescued from BAH named Boogieman and Bikini; and a tortoiseshell cat named Jazz. She leads an exciting life outside the clinic, traveling to new places around the world. In 2018, she checked off six new countries from her list including Italy, France, Ireland, Germany, Hungry, and Czechia. Additionally, she is an avid snowboarder, which has fueled her travel habit as well. She has boarded the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, and the Italian Alps. When she is not working or traveling, she enjoys staying active by playing organized social sports (volleyball, flag football, kickball, and curling) with her friends.

Brooke Barker Director of Operations


Denise Foreman Veterinary Support Staff Manager

Denise has been in the veterinary field since 2009, working as reception, veterinary assistant, HR and management, but overall, she’s been working with animals since 2005. It truly has been a passion. Denise started working with small animals like fish, hamsters, reptiles and birds, at Petsmart as her first job in 2005, and she absolutely loved it. In 2009, she started working as a receptionist and veterinary assistant, while still stocking shelves. In 2013, she was asked to become the Practice Manager and worked there until she moved from Northern Virginia to Raleigh in 2015.

While visiting her cousin in Greenville she had an interview in Raleigh. After the interview, they offered her the job right away and after talking with her husband, they made the decision to move here! Raleigh was her first move out of state ever, where she started working at a local Animal Hospital as their Practice Manager until 2019 when she came to Bowman. What she loves most about working in the veterinary field is the opportunity to work with animals, even though it’s not always petting kittens and puppies all day. She especially enjoys having the chance to help with exotic pets.

Denise went to college at George Mason University for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, while stocking shelves at 5am, working from 7am to 4pm and then going to classes in the evening. All that, while starting to date her now husband. Looking back, she has no idea how she did it! One day, she would like to use her degree, but for now, as her dad says, she can talk to animals instead (haha!).

At home, Denise and her husband have one dog, Butters, a Chihuahua, who was abandoned at her previous job. She tried not to get attached, but after bringing Butters into her office every day, she got attached! She and her husband will soon be adding another puppy, a Rottweiler, to their family soon.

In her spare time, Denise enjoys being with her friends and family, especially while hanging out at breweries, listening to music, and dancing. She also enjoys water sports, sunbathing, and tubing or knee-boarding on the back of the boat.

Denise Foreman Technicial Manager


Autumn Customer Service Manager

Autumn was born in Indiana, but she’s been living in the Raleigh area since she was little. She started her veterinary career with us in 2017 and has stuck around since! Autumn completed her bachelor’s in theology though through the University of Florida’s online program in 2 years. During her time at Bowman, she has truly enjoyed her work, and she feels as though she has grown and learned more than ever before! In her role with us, she loves getting to connect with clients and helping educate them so their pet can have the best life. Before her career in veterinary medicine, Autumn worked in several roles including at a heating and air place company, with kindergartners, and even as a chiropractic assistant.

At home, Autumn has a Boxer mix named Bear who thinks he is a lap dog and is extremely spoiled. In her spare time, you’ll likely find her reading, crafting, and doing make-up on herself for fun, or on others for events. You may also catch her re-watching one of her favorite shows like Big Brother or Parks & Rec, or her favorite move, Dirty Dancing. One fun fact is that she is semi-fluent in American Sign Language!

Autumn Lead Receptionist