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Holistic Vet in Raleigh, NC

Holistic care for dogs and cats is a complementary form of medicine that works with our traditional diagnoses and treatments. At Bowman Animal Hospital and Cat Clinic, members of our staff are trained in both Eastern and Western medicine which allows us to give your pet comprehensive treatment. We are also familiar with supplements and herbs. Our holistic services include a traditional Chinese medical exam, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.

Holistic Pet Care in Raleigh, NC

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pets

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, begins with a holistic exam that involves assessing your whole pet to get an idea of their complete health picture.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal medicine is also an important part of our holistic pet care. It works very well in conjunction with acupuncture and promotes natural healing. We may prescribe herbs as teapills, powders, or granules. Different herbs help treat different conditions including anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions, respiratory problems, hormone imbalances, arthritis, and more. Our veterinarians are experienced in herbal therapies and will work with you to develop the right care plan for your pet.

A TCM exam* involves:

  • Understanding your pet’s history
  • An analysis of their symptoms
  • Evaluation of their diet
  • Discussing their behavior with you
  • Examination of your pet’s tongue, pulse, and acupuncture points

*For further analysis, we may include common Western practices in this exam such as blood work or urinalysis.

When the results of the exam are complete, we will begin to develop an accurate treatment plan with our comprehensive knowledge of your pet's health.

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Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy which restores the flow and balance of energy throughout the body. Very fine needles inserted into acupuncture points stimulate nerves, increase circulation, and trigger the release of hormones which promote relaxation. Acupuncture requires training, and only a certified veterinary acupuncturist should perform the therapy. 

An Overview on Pet Acupuncture:

Holistic Pet Care in Raleigh: Cat Sitting on Window Sill

Schedule Your TCM Exam

Holistic care for cats and dogs starts with a TCM exam. Afterward, we’ll be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment which may include acupuncture, herbal therapy or both! Request an appointment online today.